Who We Are

Karinza provides you with everything you need to migrate from a local to globally ranked company.

Our Approach

Karinza maintains a unique perspective on consultative skills, sales training, business development and event management. We strive to use out-of-the-box and creative problem-solving skills, alongside technological interventions to assist our business clients. We elevate business solutions to a global level and use all available tools to promote success.


The Management Team

Karinza, under James Azars’ and Karin Zalcberg’s pioneering partnership, has flourished into an international powerhouse of creative and goal-orientated business strategists.


Karin Zulcberg

Karin Zalcberg - Co-founder and CBDO

Karin Zalcberg, has a reputation for both work ethic and client commitment that goes beyond reproach. With an exceptional grounding in marcom, business and the financial sector, Karin works meticulously and thoroughly with clients to provide an exceptional level of service in Sales coaching, Business development and Events Management.  Karin has made use of her academic background in psychology, the financial markets and the online digital world to help clients reshape their conversion funnels and customer interaction models.

James Azar

James Azar – Co-Founder and CEO

As the co-founder of Karinza; the founder and president of GCC investments and the founder and president of BHNV – James Azar is a determined entrepreneur with the financial stamina that has taken him from one triumph to the next.

James has piloted several companies to accomplish both their financial and global goals and is a consistent active player on the international commercial landscape. He maintains strategic and business relationships with financial institutions in Dubai and has a long and successful track record of Corporate training and Business Development.