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Social Media Marketing


Let’s start this article with a brutal fact, there has never been an easier time to meet a potential client or partner, in the history of commerce, ever. The internet and the various social networks make it ridiculously easy to meet people, from across the world, and do business with them. And yet we still see that small businesses and entrepreneurs have hesitation when reaching out to a potential client online.

So to help you guys out we wanted to break down key steps to help you master the art of social selling and make intimate connections online with your potential client.

Make sure to check out the full Social Media profile of every potential partner and client:

Every person uses several social media channels to portray their brand, story-tell about their product, or simply share their life and opinions with the world. Each social media channel is unique, has its own platform, and should be respected as a separate and different way to communicate. Twitter, facebook and instagram have different benefits and limitations, use each one to its maximal potential.

One of the key advantages you can have is to check out your potential client on every single social media channel that they use. You can not only learn so much more about them from every different angle, but also show them that you are interested in making a connection by following them on all the different channels.

Here are some great social media channels to check out:

Facebook - might be obvious, but always check out the person’s personal page as well as business pages and professional groups that they are a part of or that they manage.

Twitter - Look at their twitter handle, bio, engagement levels, and lists on their Twitter. DMs on Twitter is one of the most effective ways to contact someone, if combined with interaction on other social media.

Quora - If your potential client is an expert in a specific area then they will likely have some activity on Quora. Check out the questions that they themselves ask, and the ones that they answer.

LinkedIn - Best place to check out the clients references and work history. You can also see the types of people they have been in touch with, or worked with, and the types of industries they have worked in.

Youtube - Some of your potential clients might be on youtube. This is a great way to learn personal things about them, to see them in a different light then the other social channels.

Udemy - Some people might have a course offering on Udemy, though more rare and less used than the other channels, complementing their successful class on Udemy could be a great conversation starter.

Use your Social Media Wisely

You can tell a lot about a customer or client based on the type of content that they put out and by the type of engagement that they receive from their audience. Some people are really good at video content, and their content goes viral. Some use basic images. It often seems that if someone’s content looks good then they are super successful. But if their audience is un -engaged and non-organic, if they don’t get any interaction then they are lacking something. Either their content is not good, their message isn’t relevant, or they are not reaching out enough to their audience.

This holds true for you also. If you are maximizing your potential on social media you should be engaged with your potential clients online. Twitter is a great place for chance meetings, with little social anxiety attached.

On the other hand, don’t underestimate written or audio content. Some people have huge followings on their podcasts and blogs. The way to judge their success is again through the engagement of their followers.

So now they know you and you know them. What’s next?

This brings us to probably the most important part of this formula. Once you have seen the various social media channels that your potential client utilizes, and you have seen the type of content they put out and the engagement they get, you can zero down on the most important thing - how you can bring them value.

Gary Vaynerchuk says in his article about DMs on Instagram that bringing value to your potential customer is the most important thing there is. So you need to see what they are missing and how your product or service fits and can help them grow their business.

Math is the name of the game. Even if you have the best and most original DM, or are the most persistent to get that one specific person to work with you, in the end of the day you need concentrated focused and determined effort to get the job. If you reach out to 5000 people and 50 answer you back then that’s a great outcome. The rewards and benefits are endless. Remember, your network is your strongest asset, so keep growing it and don’t ever be discouraged by the results. There is always someone out there that would love to get in touch and partner with you.

Good luck!