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Client Relationships


Customer support has always been one of the crucial segments of the business and alongside the innovative edge given by modern technologies, the benchmark of high-quality customer support is moving ever upward. With so many companies offering real-time customer support via live chat or telephone, there is little if any incentive for clients to spend time trying to resolve issues alone, which is how you, as the service supplier, should want it.

The true value of Customer Support

Although most people associate contacting customer support with a problem or fault, as a service provider – you must view customer support as a fantastic opportunity for you to handle client problems, sell your company again to the buyer, (post-sale) and to bring referrals.

The more time your clients spend talking to Customer support, the more confident and  happy in your service clients have to be.

Understanding your clients

It's crucial to train your customer support staff so that each interaction between client and customer support becomes time well-spent for your customers. There is no better way to do this than getting personal with your clients. This means more than offering them robot-style answers and coldly served solutions- your customers want to know you genuinely care about their problems.

Given the fact their problems are also your problems, as miserable customers don't tend to stick around for too long, this notion shouldn't feel remote. Get your staff to put themselves in the customers shoes and have regular brainstorming brainstorming sessions on how to solve customer issues with your support staff. This creates a pragmatic and dynamic work environment which will in turn, drive profits.

Building Loyal Customer Base

You may be wondering how to build a CS team that genuinely care for the clients' concerns. The "fake it till you make it" approach will only work short-term. Plus, creating a customer support team allows you a continuous channel of interaction between you and the public. Why pay for market research, when your clients will provide it for free?  

Build a Customer Support team that first of all understands what your business is, and how it works. It's not enough to give them just a few pointers on commonly asked questions. They need to understand the nuances of all your services and what makes your customers tick. That way, they'll be able to approach their problems from a whole different angle. They won't just be answering questions, but they'll know exactly why these questions are important in the first place.

When a client comes to you, and you're able to recognize his problem within a first few seconds of the conversation, they'll feel valued and appreciated. They'll feel they've been given a special attention they deserve and that, in turn, will create a special bond.  Once you've successfully built that personal relationship with your clients, you will have earned their loyalty!

The true turning point between your companys' success rests on your relationships with clients and the place where you can truly make the difference is in your Customer support.