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digitalized age


Consumers have turned and keep turning to the internet for the majority of purchases, Mckinsey notes that online “research-and-purchase” now accounts for 60-70% of all internet consumer searches.

Furthermore, the massive proliferation of free Wi-Fi across North America, allows purchasers to stay online, wherever they are, and whenever they want to buy.  

Any supplier of services or goods, needs to make a mental note of this technology trend and take active steps in engaging an online audience.

Where do you start?

When you start a business and you have something to sell, the best thing you can do is show it to as many people as possible, as frequently as possible. As a producer of goods, you won’t know who is interested in your services and products, until your product has a decent amount of exposure.

Just to demonstrate the point, think of how many products were originally created to be used for one purpose but generated huge success in an entirely different arena. Take Doc martin boots for example, initially created for ankle support and a huge hit for housewives in the 1980s, transformed into the quintessential item of clothing for youth subcultures of skinheads, punks and musicians across continents. 

Get social

People are willing to buy your product, you just have to find them and the best place to start is on social media. With 600 million monthly active users on Instagram and 150 million daily users on snapchat, purchasers everywhere are finding it more and more important to say something to their potential clients in the open and relaxed environment of social media – where clients can interact with vendors and provide important feedback.

Getting to know you

Are you ready to be open and honest?  The openness and freedom that social media allows, is both immensely powerful and intensely frightening. Your clients want to know you, they want to do an online investigation and you have to be prepared for this.

Make sure you show the best of yourself through YouTube videos, Facebook pictures, twitter messages – engage your audience, before they switch off and go to someone else.

How important is it? 

Aparna Lal, Digital Marketing Director at Microsoft stated that their teams use three key matrices to measure their social media engagements: reach, stories created and increased engagement. That’s right, Microsoft have teams working on the social media relationships.  If Microsoft have recognized how important social media can be – so should you.

Get ready and get engaged with your next client online.

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