Sell like a Trump!

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The Sales and Negotiation skills of Donald Trump

Donald Trump, is to say the least, a controversial figure and a spanking new breed of President. Mainly of his own doing, his stark speeches, fierce Twitter debates and politically incorrect statements have fueled both his edgy appeal and contempt. Whilst public opinion on Trump is strongly divided, he has the ability to ease the fears around a boardroom and inspire hope with business leaders, so dearly missed under the Obama Administration.

Power up your New Year with Karinza Global.

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Plant the seeds for a lucrative year, from the very first day of 2017. Karinza Global is inviting you to write your success story and join in on productive new business ventures.

Easy to say but at Karinza Global, we also think it’s just as easy to do.

Use these KARINZA Bloggers power-emotions for the workplace, to get off to a great start in 2017:

Going Social in the digitalized age

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Consumers have turned and keep turning to the internet for the majority of purchases, Mckinsey notes that online “research-and-purchase” now accounts for 60-70% of all internet consumer searches.

Furthermore, the massive proliferation of free Wi-Fi across North America, allows purchasers to stay online, wherever they are, and whenever they want to buy.  

Getting through the sale: Our top five tips

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Your business is great, your service spectacular, your product flawless, now all you need to do is sell. There are so many things you want your buyers to know and the approach you take is key to moving towards your next opportunity.

Your most important asset is not your product or service, it’s your sales approach.

Where are the Women in Cyber Security?

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The 2017 Global Information Security Workforce Study: Women in Cybersecurity gave a detailed review of the latest composition of the gender divide in the cyber security workforce. The report revealed that the number of women in cyber security is less than in almost all other fields of specialization.

Getting Personal with Your Clients

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Customer support has always been one of the crucial segments of the business and alongside the innovative edge given by modern technologies, the benchmark of high-quality customer support is moving ever upward. With so many companies offering real-time customer support via live chat or telephone, there is little if any incentive for clients to spend time trying to resolve issues alone, which is how you, as the service supplier, should want it.

The true value of Customer Support

How well do you Manage?

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From Account Managers to Transportation Managers, there seems to be an endless list of jobs where “Manager” is currently incorporated into the title. Whilst not undermining the importance of Managers in general, when we seek out good Managers to shepherd our staff, we have to be highly selective.

Can your business hack it? Get ready to deal with Data breaches

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9 Powerful Wауѕ tо Hеlр Prepare for a Dаtа Breach

Business owners can never be too concerned about data breaches. Aссоrding to the Pоnеmоn Inѕtitutе, thе аvеrаgе соѕt оf a brеасh hаѕ nоw stretched tо $3.79 million, quite enough to get you fidgeting with your shirt button.

Moving from brick and mortar to Digital Sales

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Just imagine if you had more control over your relationship with your potential clients, a lot more control? Every way that you wanted to shape a business relationship you could, you would have statistics and tools at your fingertips to drastically turn the sale to your advantage, every single time.