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Plant the seeds for a lucrative year, from the very first day of 2017. Karinza Global is inviting you to write your success story and join in on productive new business ventures.

Easy to say but at Karinza Global, we also think it’s just as easy to do.

Use these KARINZA Bloggers power-emotions for the workplace, to get off to a great start in 2017:

Supercharge your psyche

1. Stay positive.

When you are operating a business, regardless of size, you must be three things: a realistic yet positive person; a positive manager and a positive leader. These three characteristics of a successful business owner are really three choices. You can listen to negativity and deny yourself success and you can also believe that everything is possible, with the correct attitude.

There are multiple studies to prove it, Martin Seligman from the University of Michigan amongst other research areas, studied the connection between positivity and performance. In one of his studies, he measured the degree to which insurance salespeople were optimistic or pessimistic in daily work. Optimistic salespeople sold 37% more policies than pessimists, who were two times more likely to leave the company during their first year.

A negative attitude will squeeze energy and time, that you don’t have – cut that bad boy loose.

2. Believe in fate and be pragmatic.

Everything happens for a reason and even if it doesn’t, start believing that it does. If it is supposed to be yours (whatever your goal may be) then it will be yours. In business to be realistic is a must, but keeping a personal faith in destiny allows you to let go when you need to, and observe.

When bad things happen to your business, seeing and believing in a bigger picture will remove the added stress of uncertainty and allow you to deal with the problem at hand.  Although some may think that believing in a higher force takes away your control, if you can react to situations and act fast, you gain control over the outcome.

Becoming unnerved about unexpected situations leads to a blame-game and a lack of focus, it is irrelevant to solving the issue!

You need to accept the situation as it is and start working on the right solutions, right away.

Always give 100% and try to work around issues that you can solve and maintain a strong faith to increase your chances of success. 

3. Focus on growing and providing service

In this advanced, innovative world of screens, cyber-life and virtual handshakes, people forget how to give good service to consolidate a business partnership with their clients.  

Although technology allows us to streamline our corporate tasks, as a business entrepreneur you can never afford to cut corners in your client relationships. Companies need to work non-stop on developing, cultivating and maintaining long-term clients.

Take the situation down to a normal day to day level.  Picture yourself in a coffee shop in the line, ready to order a great coffee. You are waiting patiently and when it comes to your turn, the server is not exclusively serving you – they are tapping on their cell phone, taking an order from another client and getting your order wrong!  You are livid, all you wanted was a coffee – or was it?  You get the coffee in the end but you are still angry, why?

Because you were as important as everyone else in that line, you paid not only for a coffee, but for the time and consideration of the establishment. You demanded the undivided attention of the server, even if it was only for two minutes and now you feel disrespected.

Your clients feel exactly the same when they meet with you, pay them undivided attention and it will pay you dividends, because everyone needs to feel special.

4. Mentor someone and be mentored by someone.

Take a select number of employees in your business as an ongoing project for success. Give them tips, share your knowledge with them, have one-on-one conversations, show interest in assisting them and learning from them.

An important study by Monika Hamori, Jie Cao and  Burak Koyuncu in 2012, published in the Harvard Business review found that the reason for top executives to leave companies, or seek new jobs are mostly developmental, rather than financial. Without the correct tools for self-development, you lose firstly the interest of staff and possibly the staff themselves.

5. Gratitude.

Be thankful in 2017 for the good and for the bad.

Be satisfied to sit back and turn this year into a raging success.

  1. the year on the right foot and put your business plans into action with Karinza Global.