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Client Relationships


If you run your own business, there are certain things that might be obscure to some people, but are resoundingly clear to you- Relating to your client is definitely, top of the list. Redefining your relationship with your Client as a "Partnership" rather than a "Battle field" holds everyone's long term interests in mind and although you probably knew that, you weren’t sure how. Read on to explore more about how you can relate better to your clients.

More than just friends

The better relationships allow for you as a service provider to give the best product you are able to, with the right attitude, with the added advantage of being longer, stronger and with stronger mutual business goals. In a nutshell, Seller-customer relationships are a sine qua non for a successful business.

Through the seed and development stage and the establishment of your company, it is important to have a sense of what you will need to know more about your prospective clients. This will come from two avenues: previous experience in the field or maintaining a Client "Need to Know" checklist. Similar to a friendship or romantic relationship, business relationships need to be nurtured, reflective and honest.

The Client "Need to Know" Checklist.

Create a Customer Profile – containing a real psychological and detailed picture of who your client market is remarkably effective, just saying "everyone" is my client isn't realistic and is of no value. Include likes, dislikes family background and other crucial factors that are important to your product or service.

Research your potential client's constraints, time, money and any other potential objection. With this information, you can determine the route of your products or services that will be needed. Other ways include knowing their family needs, budget pressures, social or emotional needs and brand preferences. All these can be re-emphasized throughout the sales process through good rapport with your clients.

Create Better Products – To provide your clients with a top-notch service, you will need to add value to your product, regardless of what product it is. Also keep in mind what you will be able to do to make your clients life more successful, this creates a business relationship where there is a level of healthy interdependency.

The key word here is "interdependency", stop looking at your clients as a bank check, instead focus on your relationship – the more you put in, the more you get out. Will you charge for the additional services you offer? Of course, you will! However, you will do your utmost that everything you provide is of true value to your client because this will strengthen your business relationship with them.

If you really don't know how to help your clients – ask! Most clients, dare I say, most people, love to moan about things that frustrate them. Listen and learn, then make it your business to help them.

Get intimate

Another tip to make a lasting connection with your potential customer is to know them intimately. You can do this several ways. You can meet them in person, invite them for a dinner, invite them for a meetup or a small business gathering that you are planning, or a conference that you are going to.

The most constant thread in this process is being authentic and personal with each connection you make. Don’t copy paste your message on Twitter or Instagram, don't be fake. Be real, yourself, honest, and always overdeliver.

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