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The Sales and Negotiation skills of Donald Trump

Donald Trump, is to say the least, a controversial figure and a spanking new breed of President. Mainly of his own doing, his stark speeches, fierce Twitter debates and politically incorrect statements have fueled both his edgy appeal and contempt. Whilst public opinion on Trump is strongly divided, he has the ability to ease the fears around a boardroom and inspire hope with business leaders, so dearly missed under the Obama Administration.

 With decades of experience in business, we ask ourselves, could Trumps business style and negotiation skills be the keystone of his success and something that we could as sales people emulate?

Different Person in Private

Earlier this year, President Trump met with representatives of some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. After his strong public outbursts against big pharma firms, these CEOs expected nothing good would come from the meeting. They couldn't have been more wrong.

Donald Trump, business tycoon-come-Commander in chief, appeared to be the complete opposite of the illogical and irrational persona, created, in part, by the media and in part by his reactionary behavior. He transformed into the welcoming host, immediately setting up a civil and enchanting tone to the boardroom. The pharma company heads walked out refreshed and energized, sick of an eight year Obama blitz on Industry regulations, they seemed to have found a friend, someone they can truly begin to work alongside. The meeting was more than just civilities and had struck at the core of the issues surrounding outdated regulations and overinflated prices.  It was simply and unequivocally business as usual.

Trump pitches himself and his product “the New America” is a far more cohesive and trustable way in a business meeting than he has been able to, for the masses. Somehow, when Trump walks into the boardroom, he projects an aura of calm.

Business all the Way

This was just one of many business meetings President Trump has had since taking over the Oval Office. While his Twitter outbursts against big companies may seem out of control, many company CEO’s who actually met with Trump described the experience as highly similar to the one above.

Understanding some of Trumps’ attributes in negotiation is important and a worthwhile endeavor. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could harness and project those skills that Trump clearly retains in our own sales and negotiation?

Trump Skills

Deal maker

He may be a controversial person in public, but behind the closed door, President Trump knows how to talk business. Trump is a top negotiator, with an impeccable recall of details and astute understanding of complex deals and varying industries. Having a broad depth of understanding puts Trump in a power position in every meeting and in every negotiation.

Calculating risks

Taking risks is part of business, but Trump has been clever in ensuring the gambles are less risky than his ballsy Twitter persona presents.  This isn’t clear to everyone because he asks for much more than he actually expects to get, another key sales skill.


Trump understands that each negotiation has a starting point which is very far from the handshake, post deal. A lot of Trump talk could be viewed as starting negotiations. He makes polarizing comments, outlandish statements and whilst the media laps it up, business leaders look on approvingly.

Clarity of Self-interest

When you walk into a negotiation or a sale, it’s of utmost importance that the other side understands your needs before they present their own. It’s the first step towards a trusting relationship. Trump pushes his agenda and his America in the same way he did for years in business and it worked. 

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