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Karinza is the leading international business development and sales agency. Our knowledge of the global marketplace is from over 15 years of experience and our services range from Consulting, training and custom business development plans.

Sales Training

The sales training that Karinza offers is one that is custom made to the specific needs of your business. Whether you are seeking training on how to close a sale on the first call or whether your business is one built on long term relationships with the clients, Karinza is able to assist and design an informative, educational and effective sales training for your sales staff. By using our years of sales experience and successful track record in B2B, B2C and retails sales we will make sure to address your business needs and design the most effective sales training in the market to help you achieve your business goals. Every business understands that its success hinges on the ability of its sales team to convert and close as many sales as possible in order to facilitate the growth of the business.

Karinza sales training not only come from experience but are designed to the specific product and business model which you are using. By providing this flexibility Karinza is able to leverage your current success and help you reach the next level of performance and financial success that your business needs.

Karinza's ability to motivate and help the sales staff overcome those objections is critical to helping any business reach the level desired. Whether your business is new and you are seeking a way to effectively sell your product or whether your business needs a new way of selling to achieve the results desired to get to the next level. Karinza will begin by identifying the weaknesses and build a curriculum which will enhance and provide the boost needed for your sales team.

Contact us for more details on how we can help boost your sales by getting a custom plan with one of our consultants.

Customer Support Training

Our support training is another great example of why Karinza can help boost your customer experience within your business. The marketplace is a competitive arena where the customer experience is taken a first priority among all successful businesses. Our focus on your business needs and our ability to identify those specific areas of opportunity should assist you in achieving the goals of retaining and ensuring customer satisfaction among your active client base.

The custom training built for your support staff will consist of driving a customer first attitude while attaining the goals the business has set for itself in terms of overall business satisfaction, percentage of retaining customers and percentage of returning customers will be higher.

One of the crucial elements to your business is the support team which you choose to represent your business. This team must be well educated and given the proper tools to solve the issues and address the concerns of your clients as quickly and swiftly as possible. Furthermore, this team of professionals should be trained in proper communication skills to help assist the client and communicate solution in an effective manner.

Our custom training sessions are based and built upon the dire need of your business. It is a process of understanding your client needs and helping your team achieve those results while increasing their productivity and your overall client satisfaction to ensure returning business.

Contact us to get more details of how we can help you make your support center a leading support center in the industry.

International Call center Consulting

Your call center can be one that offers sales, service or tele-meeting. Karinza’s years of experience in call center sales, support and meetings will be able to address all the needs. Karinza has under its belt years of experience in establishing successful call centers. Karinza countless years of experience and a reputation in the call center market that proceeds itself will help make your call center a successful one. Establishing your call center entails many details which need an expert to help you with; Karinza is able to assist your business in establishing a top notch call center with all the right equipment, training and tools to ensure a smooth start for your call center.

Whether your call center supports local clients or addresses client in different part of the world, Karinza is able to design and provide training, consulting and efficiency services to help take your call center to the next level. Karinza can provide your business consulting on operational matters and overall sales and support techniques. Karinza also performs phone sales training, overcoming objections and increasing the amount of conversions for your call center. Karinza also can train your chat or phone support teams of how to clearly communicate with the client and solve the issues that arise and provide each client with a world class customer experience.

Management Development

Karinza’s management training is recognized as one of the greatest investment businesses make in order to retain and develop their managers. Karinza provides a very comprehensive training for managers of all levels within your organization. At Karinza we believe that successful management starts and ends with communication.

It is the essence of retaining your staff and making sure all your business’s goals are met. The management training also discusses different strategies managers can use to help achieve targets and motivate their team. Karinza has worked with businesses to help identify the areas of opportunities within their management team and custom designed trainings and implemented an action plan with the management staff to increase the retention of employees and managers as well as boost performance for the business. Contact us today for more details on how our management development can help your business.

Methods and Procedures Implementation

Each business has special needs and different strategically techniques to implement within the business. Karinza’s experience in implanting new policies, methods and procedures can help smooth a transition that some businesses suffer through. Effective implantation is key to becoming and remaining a successful business. Karinza can help smooth that process and provide the adequate consulting to ensure from the executive leadership to the medium management to the staff carrying the implantation that it is done in an effective and pain free way to ensure business continues to bloom and the new procedures are kicked off successfully. Contact us for more information on how our proven techniques are helping businesses achieve their goals while making and implementing the changes necessary for their business.

Human Resource Consulting

Human resources are one of the most difficult tasks for businesses where many businesses flourish or fail. Bad hiring or quick hiring decision can cause businesses to lose thousands of dollars. HR managers spend hours upon hours of reviewing CV’s and interviewing candidates that fit the profile of the company, the position they are filling and the vision of the organization. Karinza’s experience and knowledge of HR recruiting and retention has become a hidden success.

Karinza is able to consult on effective hiring, retention and interview process to ensure each investment your business makes in the staff you bring in is one that will provide your business with positive ROI. Our system was developed through years upon years of experience. Not only is the interview process critical, Karinza has many tools to help you to effectively identify the right candidate for the position you are seeking to fill.

Our consultants will be able to train and help you or your recruiting manager in identifying those critical characteristics that many businesses make when making their hiring decisions. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

Communication Methods

"Most of the world's problems could be solved through effective communication" Karin Zalcberg, the founder and CEO of Karinza uses this sentence many of times throughout her day meeting with clients. Learning to communicate effectively and deliver the message clearly is vital for any manager, executive or employee. Effective communication skills can boost the effectiveness of your business and your overall customer satisfaction. Let us examine this for a moment.

We have all been involved in disputes in our professional life. Most of these disputes are resolved once it has reached levels where a business relationship is on the verge of collapse and involvement of executive leadership or even third parties are required to resolve the issue. This creates a loss for a company since the person dealing with this issue has spent countless man hours dealing with one issue and losing productivity as well as upsetting a paying client who will consider taking his business elsewhere. Karinza's communication training teaches each employee within your organization how to communicate effectively with each other and especially the client.

Each year businesses lose countless of hours of productivity and untold amount of revenue due to communication issues. Addressing these communication issues through a Karinza workshop can provide your business the edge needed to get to the next level and leverage your business to achieve the results you always thought possible. These workshops consist of activities which will enhance and improve the communication skills of each of the employees in your organization as well as personal development for your employees. This is an investment for your business you do not want to miss out on. Contact us today to schedule a workshop for your business.

Marketing Consulting

For any business to thrive a good sales and support team is needed however marketing plan is also required. Karinza has an arsenal of tools to help your business achieve its marketing goals. Whether you are seeking to advertise in Google Adwords, launching a media campaign or building a branding campaign, Karinza strong contacts and years of experience can help your business achieve its marketing targets.

Each business is unique and developing a marketing plan requires understanding of the target client as well as the target country. Karinza's experience and knowledge can help your business reach clients from all over the world who can help boost your business. Launching a targeted campaign is essential to the growth of your business.

Karinza will work closely to understand your current marketing strategy and develop a new strategy to help your business achieve its goal of reaching new clients and driving more revenue.

• Self Conversion Website Design and Consulting
• CRM & technology consulting and implementation
• Start-up business development
• Effective time management courses.

The services above are only a brief description of some the services Karinza consulting has provided its clients over the years. You can contact us for more information and to gain more information regarding any additional business needs you feel we can fit your business.

All of Karinza’s services are designed to meet your business needs and are built based on our years of experience of meeting all of our clients needs. We look forward to answering any

questions you may have regarding our wide array of services and action plans which can help grow your business.

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